Also this year, s2k digital participated in DjangoCon Europe and had many interesting talks and conversations with other attendees. We would like to thank all participants and sponsors and especially the organizers of DjangoCon Europe, who made it possible for us to have a great event again this year.


We would like to positively highlight the talk by Rado Geogiev titled Quality Assurance in Django - Testing what matters and the talk by Bas Steins titled Deep Inside Django’s ORM: How Django Builds Queries.


Rado presented a testing approach that combines aspects of Integration Testing with aspects of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) by simulating User Journeys while providing access to the internal state of the application. A look at the slides is definitely worthwhile.


Bas gave an insight into the internal architecture of the Django ORM in his talk, including some interesting details regarding the implementation of QuerySet and its related Methods, which could help to improve the understanding of how the Django ORM works under the hood.


We are eagerly awaiting the release of the videos and slides of the talks from DjangoCon Europe 2022 and are looking forward to DjangoCon US 2022, which will be held in San Diego in the USA from October 16-21.


If you are looking for a Django related job, have feedback or questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, LinkedIn or shoot us an email.